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Chinese Heritage in Northern Australia (CHINA Inc) is a not-for-profit association committed to promoting research and study into the Chinese Australian experience in northern Australia.  It encourages the proper recording of Chinese Australian history and heritage.

The Chinese have made contact with northern Australia for several centuries, starting with sporadic visits by traders and fishermen and culminating in the large scale immigration of workers, miners, agriculturalists and business people during the 19th century. Indeed, there has been a long history of cultural diversity (which includes other peoples from the Asia Pacific region) and this, combined with the vast landscapes, tropical climate, and remote frontier conditions, created in northern Australia a dynamic social environment that was in many ways unique.

One of the key activities of CHINA Inc is the hosting of a biennial Northern Links Conference, far north Queensland.  This ‘no fuss’ event brings together people from many disciplines – including history, archaeology, heritage management, law, literature, linguistics, art, and library science.  Another activity is publishing a collection of selected articles based on papers presented at the CHINA Inc conference.  CHINA Inc also provides a link to people undertaking genealogical research on Chinese Australian families. 

Enquiries can be emailed to:

The Kum Yuen store, Mossman, north Queensland