"Northern Links: Chinese Top End Tales"    

The Eight “no fuss” Conference

 11th-12th July 2020

Organised by:

Chinese Heritage in Northern Australia Inc (CHINA Inc)


Cairns Sheridan Motel Cairns, Queensland

It’s that time of year for Chinese history and heritage researchers, archaeologists, academics, museum and collection managers, family history researchers and genealogists to attend the eight biennial “no fuss” conference presented by CHINA INC.

This conference aims to explore themes of settlement, adaption, integration, solutions and creative responses to institutional impediments imposed on the Chinese community. We accept a broad interpretation of our theme, as well as creative fringe ideas! We are not limited to northern Australia, but papers must reflect a link to the deep north!

We encourage attendance and participation by emerging scholars for whom it is a great presentation opportunity and warmly welcome family historians and genealogists to whom we have dedicated a session on Chinese families and Chinese family history.

If you would like to attend the conference, please email an expression of interest to: china_nth@yahoo.com.au

For general enquiries and correspondence you can also contact:

Secretary                                or                       President

Dr Kevin Rains                                                  Sandi Robb

5 Railway Street                                               robbsandi@gmail.com

EAST IPSWICH QLD Australia 4305

email: china_nth@yahoo.com.au

We hope to see you there!!!